Handmade Maple Shaker Box

Holiday Gifts
Fun Hats
Garden Tub
Cradle Sled
Newspaper Wagon

Victorian Fainting Couch

Cast Iron Salesman Sample Bed - Vintage Hexagon Quilt
Wire Basket

Rice Basket

Woven Cradle

Creamy Laces for Wraps and Layering

White Laces for Wraps and Layering

Newsboy Hat - Newborn Size

Metal Pan

Simple Wooden Bed - With or Without Rag Quilt

Egg Basket

Galvanized Tub
Handmade Cradle

Cast Iron Pineapple Bed

Turtle Stool

Study Time
Props for the next great novelist!

Ornate Iron Bed
Pack Saddle

Footstool for Baby's Bum Up

Mahogany Bed

Brass Bed

Lace and Love Buggy

Boy's Hats

Handmade Satin Cradle



Wash Basin - Tie

Laundry Time

White Wicker Cradle

Vintage Doll Buggy

Antique Wicker Doll Buggy

Vintage Parasol Carriage
Parasol and Fan for Mama To Be

Vintage Bonnets

Authentic Bolivian Cholita Bowler and Tuxedo Bib

Hand-Made Nuno Felted Bonnets

Farm Basket

Hat Box

Wicker Baby Scale - Pre-1950

Cast iron salesman sample
Art Bed of Chicago (early 1900s)

Rustic baby bed

 Wicker bed from sister, Sandra

Girl's white bed

Cocoon Silk in Duck "Coach"
Topham luggage, 1920s

Dutch dough bowl from sister, Joanne

Bed of Wool Fleece Roving

Rattan arc bowl

Dough Bowl

Bed of Pure Alpaca

Wine and fruit cases, coffee bags

Tobacco Basket
Aluminum tub

Angel wings

Lloyd wicker baby carriage (1917-1920)

Balance scale

Hanging scale

Pewter rattle



Hats, headband, and hat clips

Pewter bracelet
Chest of drawers
Wicker - wrought iron sleigh
Abacus for future mathematicians