Thanks Darlene.  I love the pictures!  

We LOVE LOVE LOVE that collection of photos!  Maryellen F. 

Wow, you really have over done yourself. These photos are absolutely stunning. 
They are so amazing. I just love them!  Leah B.

You did a phenomenal job capturing that precious smile!  Abbe G. 

My sweet girls!!! You did an amazing job Darlene! Thank you :)  Mandy K.

You really got a lot of great shots. I'm so pleased!  Kelly K.

Thank  you they came out amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them!!!!  Alisa G.

Awesome! They're beautiful!  Alison B.

Oh wow, they are so good!! I love them!!  Desti N.

Have I told you lately that I love you - these are so beautiful!  I
can't say thank you enough.  Cathleen L.

The pictures are gorgeous. Such beautiful work.  Anna K.

I cannot tell you how excited and anxious I am every time I open a new email from you! Every picture is absolutely beautiful!  Marie K.

I thought the way you handled Sophie made me very comfortable and I never felt rushed.  I am very pleased with what came out of the shoot.  You captured some fabulous shots of Sophie really bringing forther her personality and features.  Sybil S.

Everything was wonderful!  I loved that Darlene was able to come to the house and she brought everything she needed with her.  She was open to any ideas and tried to do everything we asked her to.  We appreciated very much how calm and loving Darlene was when Josh would fuss.  It was very comforting seeing how she handled him and I felt he was safe and I had no problem leaving him with her.  Jennifer P.

As usual, the portraits look great!  Lots of fans of Rose in a basket. Paul P.

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