Thursday, September 13, 2012

Amielia and Alpacas!

What does sweet newborn Amielia have in common with alpacas?
You might say sheer/shear natural beauty!

Amielia Cate - 14 Days Old

You see, Amielia's super-soft hat came from the fibers of Bear and Jukie, 
Huacaya Alpacas from Alpaca Atlantic of Tennessee, located just south of Nashville.


 Jukie and One-Day Old Honey Bun

Almost as big as mother, Honey Bun loves to nurse!

Lisa Olsen and Bill Fletcher breed these exquisite animals and manage every aspect of their ranch.  They vaccinate, shear, train, breed and process fiber into finished goods. 
Lisa, who has become the area's midwife for difficult alpaca deliveries, 
knits and felts luxurious hats and scarves.  

I recently had the amazing experience of getting up close and personal with a few members of the ranch's absolutely gorgeous herd of alpacas!

Here, beautiful Amielia wears a hat made of fiber from Sugar,
whose rose-grey coat provides a perfect blend!

Visit Alpaca Atlantic on the web:

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