Saturday, May 25, 2013

1920s Lloyd Loom Wicker Carriages

Beautiful Camryn in Lloyd Loom Doll Carriage

Editor of the March 1920 issue of Scientific American described the invention of Marshall Burns Lloyd (1858-1927), a baby carriage manufacturer based in Menominee, Michigan.  "From the very first he realized that no loom could be built to weave wicker if the original and only known method of weaving on the frame in the final shape were used.... Finally ... Lloyd produced a method whereby the wicker is woven as desired, and the frames are built according to patterns, absolutely independently. The one is constructed at one end of the factory and the other is woven at another end. Each is improved as it travels toward the middle where the fabric is slipped over the frame and attached thereto. Simple indeed, and yet never thought of before. No man ever dreamed he could weave wicker and build the frame of the desired article apart from each other and yet that is just what is now done."

Lloyd Loom Baby Buggy

My first and last upholstery restoration!  I found fabric very similar to the original at Sir's Fabrics.  But when I saw all the bangles at Sir's I knew I had to alter the design a little!  I have been know to stroll with my "baby" around Madison in this wonderful carriage at the Street Festival.

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